Friday, June 23, 2017

Blue Jays Draft Tracker

  The Blue Jays selected 40 players in the MLB draft last week.  As of this writing (6/23/2017), the following players have signed.  Bonuses, for the most part, have not been confirmed by the club. High School players are indicated in bold.
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  The Blue Jays had $8.23 million to spend on picks for the first ten rounds.  The Danner signing leaves them with about $5.35 million to spend on top picks Warmoth and Pearson.  There's a bit of room (5%) to go beyond that before the club faces any penalties.

   Another update:
      Warmoth and Pearson have signed.  The former has started his pro career in the GCL, the latter is still waiting to make his debut.
    Family matters and the limitations of the 24 hour day have prevented me from delivering a more in-depth analysis of this draft, but it's coming.  Scouting reports, observations from a Blue Jays exec, and more are on their way.  An upcoming trip to Vancouver in August should hopefully yield some more reports.
    Thanks to all who have provided updates.

Logan Warmoth12795                2820
Nate Pearson12302                2453
Hagen Danner210431500
Riley Adams3542542
Kevin Smith4405405
Cullen Large5302302
Brock Lundquist6234175
Colton Laws7183183
Kacy Clemens815250
Zach Logue9139125
Justin Dillon101325
Donnie Sellers11125
Matt Shannon1280
Brody Rodning13signed
P.K. Morris14206
Ryan Noda15125
Ty Tice1690
Kobie Russell17
Jordan Barrett181
Cordell Dunn19
Tanner Kiwaner2040
Turner Larkins21signed
Gunner Halter22
Daniel Ritcheson23
Colin Brockhouse24125
Cooper Davis25
D.J. Neal26100
Sam Weatherly27
Davis Schneider28                   50
Joe DiBenedetto29signed
Reilly Johnson30signed
Graham Spraker31
Jacob Condra-Bogan32
Matthew Gunter33signed
Maverik Buffo34signed
Brandon Polizzi35
Jonathan Cheshire36signed
Justin Watts37signed
Marcus Reyes38             signed
Ben Farris39
Sean Ross40
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