Friday, June 23, 2017

Blue Jays Draft Tracker

Logan Warmoth/Niall O'Donohoe/ photo

  With the signing deadline having passed for the 2017 MLB draft, here is a list of the players the Blue Jays drafted and signed.  The Area Scouts for each player involved are listed too.  Thanks to Mal Romanin, the Blue Jays Manager of Baseball Information for the update.  Bonuses, to the best of my knowledge, are up-to-date....some were easier to find than others.  Fellow interpid Blue Jays bloggers, please let me know about any corrections.

PlayerRoundSlotBonusSchool Area Scout
Logan Warmoth127952820UNC Chapel HillChris Kline
Nate Pearson123022453College of Central FloridaMatt Bishoff
Hagen Danner210431500Huntington Beach HSJoey Aversa
Riley Adams3542542U San DiegoJim Lentine
Kevin Smith4405505U Maryland College ParkDoug Witt
Cullen Large5302302College of William and MaryDoug Witt
Brock Lundquist6234175Cal St Long BeachJoey Aversa
Colton Laws7183183UNC CharlotteChris Kline
Kacy Clemens815250University of TexasBrian Johnston
Zach Logue9139125University of KentuckyNate Murrie
Justin Dillon101325Cal State SacramentoDarold Brown
Donnie Sellers11125Wake Forest UniversityChris Kline
Matt Shannon1280Angelo State UGerald Turner
Brody Rodning13100Minnesota St MankatoWes Penick
P.K. Morris14206.5Steinbrenner HSMatt Bishoff
Ryan Noda15125University of CincinnatiCoulson Barbiche
Ty Tice1690U Central ArkansasDallas Black
Jordan Barrett181Elon UniversityChris Kline
Tanner Kiwaner2040Niagara UJamie Lehman
Turner Larkins21125Texas A&M UBrian Johnston
D.J. Neal26100University of South CarolinaChris Kline
Davis Schneider2850Eastern HSMike Alberts
Joe DiBenedetto291Nova Southeastern UniversityMatt O'Brien
Reilly Johnson30100State College of Florida Manatee-SarasotaMatt Bishoff
Graham Spraker311Quincy UniversityJeff Johnson
Matthew Gunter331Hawaii Pacific UJim Lentine
Maverik Buffo3450Brigham Young UniversityPete Holmes
Brandon Polizzi3520Cal State Dominguez HillsBud Smith
Jonathan Cheshire361Davenport UCoulson Barbiche
Justin Watts371U Southern IndianaJeff Johnson
Marcus Reyes381San Diego State UJim Lentine

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