Wednesday, November 1, 2017

We've Moved!


   Thanks to all of you, loyal readers, for your faithful readership.
 Since starting this little endeavour in 2013, Clutchlings has accumulated close to 400 000 page views, which has helped our Twitter account to surpass the 1000 follower mark.  We've made a lot of friends across baseball, including fans, players, family members, scouts, broadcasters, front office execs, and fellow bloggers.
 Blogger has been very consistent and reliable over the past five years, but it was time to move on to something a little more recognizable.  You can get the same Blue Jays prospect content now at   We will still to strive to bring you news, insight, and analysis that you can't find anywhere else - or at least you would have to look very hard for it.
  Thanks again for your support, retweets, likes, shares, etc.