Saturday, May 25, 2013

Serving Up More Mock Draft


   With just under three weeks to go before the major league draft, the possible choices for the Blue Jays, who hold the 10th pick, are becoming a little clearer.
   One player, lhp Sean Manaea of Indiana State, has seen his stock fall out the top ten due to ankle, hip, and shoulder injuries.
   Five others have clearly established themselves from the pack, and will in all likelihood be off the board when the Jays get ready to pick:
    -Oklahoma rhp Sonny Gray
    -Stanford rhp Mark Appel
    -San Diego 3B Kris Bryant
    -North Carolina 3B Colin Moran
    -Georgia HS OF Clint Frazier

    After that, it gets interesting.  Several players are in the mix for the next few picks, including:
    -Texas HS rhp Kohl Stewart
    -Indiana HS lhp Trey Ball
    -Georgia HS OF Austin Meadows
    -Washington HS C Reese McGuire
    -Nevada rhp Braden Shipley
    -Oral Roberts rhp Alex Gonzalez

   One player who the Jays had reportedly been looking closely at was Mississippi State OF Hunter Renfroe, who has slumped badly this spring, and has seen his stock tumble.
   Of the latter group, many mock drafts we've read have had the Jays selecting Ball or Meadows, which would fit nicely with the organization's preference for high-ceiling players. We find Stewart to be the most intriguing prospect, but he's unlikely to still be available when it's the Jays turn to pick.
   Meadows is tall, athletic, and projectable.  He is said to have an advanced approach at the plate, and has plenty of speed.  He should add power as he matures. It's easy to visualize him patrolling the centrefield turf (grass one day, maybe?) of the Rogers Centre by 2016.
   Ball is a 6'6" stringbean who also oozes projection. A multi-sport player, Ball hopes to be given the chance to make it as an outfielder, but most teams that have scouted him are planning on drafting him as a pitcher.  He has hit 96 with his fastball this spring, and both his curve and change have been graded as plus pitches.  He should add to that fastball as he grows and fills out.
   McGuire profiles with an above average bat from the left side, and has plus defensive skills.With two of the organization's top catching prospects (D'Arnaud and Perez) dealt in the past year in deals to strengthen the big league club, McGuire could rise very quickly in the system.
   Shipley features three above average pitches (fb/curve/change).  His fastball has been described as major-league ready, and has hit 96 this spring.  His is the kind of power arm the club has been trying to stockpile.
   Gonzalez, of course, would be the 3rd A Gonz to play for the Jays if he made it to the majors.  He has quietly and steadily worked his way up into top (or close to it) 10 territory.  He's yet another power arm.
    Clutchlings will continue to follow the various mock drafts as the MLB draft approaches next month.
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